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WHAT GOD DIDN’T DO FOR ME (act on the word).
One of the lessons I have had to learn repeatedly is what I’m writing about today. Maybe I’ve had to learn and relearn this because I have had a hard time accepting that there is or there are things God just won’t do for me.

Okay, you know as a believer, you are taught that God can do everything (and this is true), so somehow you tell yourself that since He can do everything then surely He will do everything for you. .well, this is a lie.

Let me explain what I mean.
While I was in the university, I read a book by Ben Carson and one of the experiences he shared was about how he had this exam to write and while he was studying he had a dream where he received the area of concentration for the exams. Yes, you guessed right, so I thought if I prayed for this encounter, I’d get it too.. well it never happened (it might happen for you though). God didnt do that for me. I had to study really hard and pray for a retentive memory instead, that was the only way I passed my exams.

When I finished my compulsory NYSC, I was confident I would get a job yes, even without applying or putting a CV together(well, I didn’t know what I was thinking, it happened for some people). It never happened for me, God didn’t do that. I found myself sitting at home for almost 2 years before I came back to my senses, did some few volunteer jobs, put together my CV, only then did I get a job.

There was a time I was at a crossroad, I needed a change badly, I prayed for it fasted for it, even sowed towards it and when I felt the leading to make a move, I hesitated because I felt surely whoever it is God was leading me to should approach me, lol, I was wrong again. God didn’t do that for me. I had to make those moves myself, start my blog, send my CV out again. Only then was I able to gain ac ess to the change I desired.

Then Joshua said to the children of Israel: “How long will you neglect to go and possess the land which the Lord God of your fathers has given you?-Joshua 18:3 (NKJV)

One thing to note is that just because God has promised a thing doesn’t mean it will fall on your laps. Many times you’ve got to act on the word you’ve received or you’ll get nothing at all.

• Oh Lord, give me wisdom to know when to be still and when to act.
• Oh Lord, help me possess my possession.
• I decree that I will not be robbed of the good that has been prepared for me.

I come against the spirit of laziness and procrastination,you will act at the right time and receive all that is yours.


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