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“I don’t know what I’m doing, because I don’t do what I want to do. Instead, I do the thing that I hate”, says Paul, the Apostle. 


Peter, Jesus’ disciple can relate seeing that he denied Jesus three times and I too can relate. There are things I confidently say I will never do at all and there are things I say I will never do again because of the relationship I now have with God and all the things I now know but I still end up doing them. It’s like in those moments I’m not in control of my actions, I’m having an out of body experience, I see me making a fool of myself but I can’t stop until I’m done doing whatever it is, then I end up ashamed. Can you relate?


The reason for this internal struggle was supposed to be kept a mystery but it isn’t anymore for Paul, the Apostle says we go through these things because sin dwells in us, it sabotages our best intentions but it also brings us to the realization that we need help..on our own we can’t overcome temptations, just because we will to do right doesn’t mean we can do it, at least not on our own. (Romans 7)



So who do we run to for help? Jesus Christ Our Lord.


Jesus foretold Peter’s denial, He told him Satan went before God to obtain permission to test his faith (so that he might fall into temptation and be separated from God) but He, Jesus had interceded on his behalf (Luke 22:31-34)


Just before it would soon be time for Peter’s temptation, Jesus took all the disciples to the Mount of Olives and asked them to “Pray that they will not fall into temptation.”.. He repeated this charge twice.

 (Luke 22:39-46)


Jesus Christ interceded for Peter and He is still at the right hand of God interceding for us (Romans 8:34)..but it doesn’t end there. We also need to take up responsibility and stay prayed up! If Jesus gave the disciples the charge to pray in order not to fall into temptation, then we must take the charge seriously.


Peter was among those who slept and didn’t pray and he indeed fell into temptation, he denied Jesus three times and at some point went back to fishing, a trade he had left behind. Thank God Jesus still came and restored him.


To fight temptations and win, to prepare for unannounced test of our faith and end up victorious, we need to pray as Jesus prayed..

“Because He was very sad and troubled, he prayed even harder (passionately, earnestly, intently, fervently.)…..” (Luke 22:44).


Let’s not be like the disciple that saw how Jesus prayed  and recounted it but couldn’t imitate it.





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