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This past few days I’ve been trying really hard to meet up with a writing goal I had set for the project I was working on and then while I was at it the other day, I got distracted by a knock on the gate. I wondered who it could be but I tuned off the loud knock and continued with my writing. The knock persisted and I wondered again who it could be. “Let someone else open it”, I said to myself, “I’m not expecting anyone, it’s none of my business”, “I have more important things to do”.


You see, where I live, I have three neighbors and because my apartment is in front and close to the gate, I’m usually the one who goes out to open the gate for those who leave their keys behind, everyone expects this of me. However that day I was busy, way too busy for whoever could be knocking.


As I continued writing, the Holy Spirit said to me “What’s more important right now than loving others?, helping them when you are in a position to?”.. I heard the knock again and I rushed out to open the gate. I found three children by the gate, looking exhausted and downcast, they had just gotten back from school and since they couldn’t get in, they were at the mercy of the hot sun. Two children belonged to a family and one belonged to another, all were my neighbors. I felt bad, so when they thanked me, I apologized to them instead.


When I got back into my apartment, I remembered the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37). Perhaps I was more like the Priest and Levite than I would like to admit, both had been aware of the state the injured man was in , they could have helped but they walked on as though they didn’t see him. They probably had good reasons why they couldn’t help, the priest and levite were probably rushing off to something they considered more important, a religious activity perhaps? Maybe they thought to themselves as I did, “Let someone else be bothered with that, it’s none of my business..” 

They conveniently forgot that loving God includes loving people.


Jesus was very intentional when He used the priest and the levite as examples, the religious leaders claimed to be close to God and to love Him but they couldn’t prove it by their love for His people so Jesus used every opportunity to address their hypocrisy and misplaced priorities. If we check our lives closely, we will discover that we too at one time or the other are guilty of the same things too. We must do better. Our Christianity has to go beyond lip-service.


If we are loved by God, His love must flow from us to others. If we don’t love others then we really haven’t experienced God’s love. Loving others must be a life-style (its a command for a reason, it’s meant to be obeyed, no excuses needed)…… In what way is the Holy Spirit asking you to love others?, don’t harden your heart, obey Him..and if you’ve been at it, don’t be weary, keep at it.


Let’s read 1 John 4:7-21 to gain more clarity.


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