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Sometimes we end up playing the villain in someone else’s story. Yes, that’s what God revealed to me and wants us to know.


Recently I was re-reading the book of Esther and I saw something that was hidden in plain sight. It’s about Haman.

Haman, as we all know is the villain in Esther’s story because of his intentions and actions towards the Jews but He didn’t start out like that. Please keep reading.


When the Bible first mentions Haman, he wasn’t described as an evil person, he must have done something right because He was promoted and since we believe that promotion and power come from nowhere on earth, but only from God then it’s safe to say God promoted Haman. Haman was promoted to the position of the prime minister, the most powerful official next to the king himself, his wealth and influence had multiplied and prior to this he was already blessed with a wife and children. Everything was working well for Haman..until he started listening to what people told him about Mordecai and started observing things he could have ignored and then bitterness and hatred took over his heart.


The bitterness and hatred that took over his heart moved him to become the villain and we know how the story ends, he ended up losing his life, hung on the very gallows he had prepared for another. All his blessings gone as well!


Today we won’t dismiss Haman but look inwards at how we might be warming up to play the role of villain in someone else’s story.

Has someone offended you and you have refused to forgive? Have you let bitterness and hatred take over your heart because of something you heard or something you saw? 

Have you plotted or started plotting out how you will exact revenge on the person or their entire family?

Have you started taking steps to exact that revenge?

Have you enlisted the help of others in exacting the revenge?


If all your answers to the questions are yes, even if you answer yes to one of the questions, then this message is for you. “It’s time to have a rethink!, you do not have to play the villain!”.


Let’s read Colossians 3:12a,13 (TLB)

Since you have been chosen by God who has given you this new kind of life, and because of his deep love and concern for you, you should practice tenderhearted mercy and kindness to others. Be gentle and ready to forgive; never hold grudges. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others.


You and I being believers are encouraged to practice tenderhearted mercy by choosing to forgive anyone who has offended us whether they apologize or not. We are encouraged to be kind to others even if they seem not to deserve it. Being gentle, always ready to forgive and not holding grudges is what God expects of us since this is the very way He deals with us.


Forgiveness isn’t easy if you try to do it on your own but if you ask the Holy Spirit for help, He will make it easy. Holding on to offenses and acting on it will cost us a lot, sometimes even our lives in the long run.






You can find the story of Haman in Esther chapters 3-7.


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