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For the first time ever, I got my bag and shoes ready for Sunday service on Saturday night, I was prepared, I wasn’t going to be the reason why we would keep the driver waiting or get to church late. Sunday morning came and I was good to go, I got to church really early, so I was still wearing my slip on, my shoes where in a bag beside me, I was going to wear my shoes just before service. As soon as service was about to start, I tried on my shoes but there was a problem; the buckle of the right pair was loose and it fell off. I went into the restroom in my slip-on to consider my options; it was either I go back home to get another pair of shoes or wear the shoes I had on like that with the bad buckle. I begged the Holy Spirit to help me make a decision.

I chose the latter and walked back into church, I sat for a while and as I stood up to join the prayer and praise session, still conscious of my shoes, one of the ministers approached me and asked me to teach the devotional for today before the congregation, I wanted to give her an excuse- a valid one but then she sensed I was about to come up with an excuse so she said to me, “don’t panic”, you’d be fine. I gave her a tense smile and thought to myself, everything is going wrong today, my shoe has an issue and I’m not prepared to address the whole church; what am I to say?, my weaknesses( my shoe situation and stage fright) will be exposed. I begged the Holy Spirit to speak through me. In my dilemma the Holy Spirit whispered to me:

“My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness”. (see 2 Corinthians 12:9)

So when it was time for me to take the stage, I part-walked and part-limped towards the altar in my shoes, I was a woman humbly relying on the grace of God for an exchange of her weakness for His strength and that’s exactly what God did, my shoe didn’t give way, I was also given a mouth and wisdom and all were blessed by the ministration. I was glad and I gave God the glory, but the truth is if my shoes were in perfect condition and I had been given time to prepare, I would have been over confident ( I know myself), my spiritual pride would have been at a high and I’d have taken the glory (well, maybe shared a little with God).

There are different methods God uses to keep us humble, for me at this time, it was my shoe and my being caught unawares, for the Apostle Paul, he had a particular infirmity undisclosed to us, for you, it could be a failed exam, a delay in marriage, financial issues, a rejected proposal etc. These situations are usually orchestrated by the enemy for evil but God turns it around for our good by using it to eliminate pride from our lives.

The worst way to handle these situations when they arise is to panic, the best way on the other hand is to pray- you pray for God’s grace in handling the situation and thank Him because through the situation Christ’s power will reside in you and work through you.



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