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Let’s start by reading Acts 13:22 (AMP)

“And when He had removed him (Saul), He raised up David to be their King: of him He testified and said “I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after My own heart (conforming to My will and purposes), who will do all My will.”


It’s good to start at the very beginning, that’s why I read out this verse of scripture so that it can help us with that; we need to know why Saul was removed and David raised to be King? Saul was removed because of his disobedience to God; He spared King Agog and upon the request of his army, he also kept some choice animals when God had said all of the Amalekites must be destroyed and nothing spared.we can read more on that in 1st Samuel 15. 

God knowing the end from the beginning knew that David had the potential to conform to His will and purpose, He knew David was going to do His will. God testified of this Himself and so elected and raised him to be Saul’s replacement.


My POV, the 1st lesson to learn; Though we are learning about David, the King, There is a king in each and everyone of us. There is a seed of greatness in you and I, God’s design for each and every one of us is to rule (this is regardless of our background, that’s why Saul had the opportunity and David too, both men were from different families and backgrounds), it has become clear that as believers, we are empowered to reign within the various spheres of life we find ourselves in, be it business, ministry and career, however the inability to conform to the Will and purpose of God, disobedience to His instructions can cost you your enthronement or shorten your reign. We will not be replaced in Jesus name.


In other words, As a child of God, you are designed and destined for the top in whatever field you find yourself in but your rising and establishment at the top is hinged on one thing- conforming to God’s will and purpose. Obeying His every instruction, make that your lifestyle.


Back to Acts 13:22, we learnt that David was raised by God to be King. So how did God raise David?, what tools did He use? Did David know he was being trained for future Kingship?

Before that let’s talk about how he was found by God. What set him apart?


Reading through 1 Samuel 16, we learn how God found and raised David. But let’s start with Prophet Samuel’s visit to the house of Jesse.

Prophet Samuel arrived at Jesse’s house, consecrated them all for a sacrifice and started the process of election unknown to them. Jesse’s older 7 sons were lined up and Samuel passed by all of them with his own list of qualifications which were mainly physical features but before he could settle on Eliab and anoint him as King, God cautioned him in.


MY POV, 2ND and 3RD lesson to learn***Let me quickly state the obvious lessons here: Firstly You cannot afford to make decisions using your physical senses alone, you will end up making a mistake, remember even Samuel almost made a mistake, only God makes no mistakes therefore include God in your decision making and wait to hear from Him. secondly, a person’s worth is not determined by his/her appearance; you will miss out on some amazing people, profitable relationships etc. if you worship physical appearance. Many good things in life are often disguised, imagine the last son who paled in physical comparison to his brothers being God’s elect, if it was left to Samuel, he wouldn’t have picked David.  (Share the story of the woman who God told about her husband but he wasn’t her spec, David and the Egyptian that was sick and left for dead in 1 Samuel 30)Let’s continue to ask God for the spirit of discernment.



So 7 men were not considered by God because of the condition of their hearts (1 Samuel 16:7), let me ask us what is the condition of our heart?, if God searches your heart, what will He find there?.. Could it be that you’ve not received that prayer request because your heart isn’t right? What will you do with that lifting, that expansion, that promotion? To oppress people or to be a kingdom influencer ?This is just food for thought. Don’t be like the brothers of David who took care of their outward appearance but their hearts weren’t right. David’s heart was right.


Samuel was forced to ask if they were all the sons Jesse had- this was when we discovered David’s training ground, where God had raised him.

1 Samuel 16:11- In the fields, watching the sheep.

David’s training ground was in the fields, where he watched not his own sheep but his father’s sheep, this means he served his father first. This was a lonely job, a routine job, a boring job, a thankless yet life-threatening job (where Lions and bears would go and attack him and he’d defend and protect the sheep at the risk of his life).

It was in the fields, where he felt alone that He longed for companionship that he met God waiting to embrace him, it was while he was doing his routine boring job that he sharpened his leadership skills yand started writing psalms and playing his harp, it was while he was faced with lions and bears that he learnt how to cry out to God for help and he saw Him come through for him.


MY POV, 4TH lesson to learn; If you are presently in a lonely state, in a routine-boring job, if you are doing your best but you are feeling overlooked and unappreciated by others or in different situations where you are faced with either taking a stand or making a compromise, then know that you are in God’s training ground, where you are being raised for kingship. Be faithful in it like David was and God who sees in secret will reward you openly.

It is in these situations that your relationship with God is formed and strengthened; it is in these situations that your character is being formed. If you use this situation wisely, you can discover hidden talents and sharpen your skills. All will be needed and required for kingship.


Do you know that David wasn’t just all about his heart alone, even if that’s what God was interested in, there was more to him;

According to 1 Samuel 16:18, he was (a);

• Skillful musician (The Psalms he wrote is proof of this)

• Courageous (He fought off lions and bears to save his sheep, 1 Samuel 17:34-35)

• A warrior

• Prudent in speech

• Handsome

• The Lord was with him.


MY POV, 5TH lesson to learn; so as one who wants to be King I.e rise to the top, desires lifting and wants to dominate their various fields, it is important that you possess some skills preferably one that is relevant, be courageous-you will have to move out of your comfort zone and take some bold steps if you want to take over territories, you will be faced with battles both physical and spiritual battles (you need to know how to pray), know how to speak-with wisdom, take care of your appearance and never leave the Lord behind.


So David is called from the fields where he was watching his father’s sheep and anointed King before his father and brothers but he was not immediately ushered to the throne because Saul was still King. It took many more years before he did so even with the anointing on his head, he went back to doing what he had always done- he went to the fields. Until other opportunities presented themselves to him e.g. Killing Goliath, going to play music for Saul.


MY POV, 6TH lesson to learn; don’t force God’s prophecy to come to pass. God’s timing is perfect!, so yes He has a plan for your life, He wants you to rule and reign, He wants your reign to be established, but also know that He determines when you are ready to be enthroned. Rest your agenda. Don’t let ambition take you to dark places. Don’t run ahead of Him. Be patient and let patience do a complete work in you. In time you will see that every step will lead you to your throne. David didn’t kill Saul just so he could be king. He was patient, he waited for his time, wait for your time.


So fast forward to many years later, David becomes king of Israel and he didn’t forget all that he learnt while he was in God’s training ground, all through his reign he maintained his relationship with God and it helped establish his reign. Don’t despise your days of little beginnings-He remained a man of worship and praises, a man of gratitude, a man of humility, a man that had the fear of God, a man of wisdom, a man of prayer etc. As King, David ruled in fairness, he won numerous battles, and made Israel a formidable nation, expanding its territory and military might, all the while pointing his people to God. Will you use ur lifting to point people to God? What will you do, what are you doing?


David wasn’t perfect, he wasn’t a saint, he had a tendency to sin, the bible records various mistakes David made while he was king;

1. His home front was a mess- many wives, many children who behaved badly.

2. He coveted Uriah’s wife Bathsheba and got him killed. (2 Samuel 11-12)

3. He numbered Israel. ( 2 Samuel 24)

While we are not dwelling on his errors, we can learn from his mistakes and adopt his method of restitution;


MY POV, 7TH lesson to learn;

Let’s never ignore our home front, our families are our responsibilities, let’s be mindful of that.


In the case of Uriah and Bathsheba, David abused his power and position- he was manipulative, deceptive and selfish in his decisions and he suffered the loss of a child and a curse (the sword not departing from his home).


In the case of numbering Israel, David measured his prestige by counting his soldiers, thereby obscuring God’s claim on his life, attributing his many victory to their number. This cost him the lives of many Israelites.

Both actions were wrong and the consequences overwhelming; at one time or the other when we become “king” we will be faced with these temptations to sin, when you sin, don’t rationalize it!.- don’t be reluctant to confess your sin, don’t shift blames, and don’t cover it up. David always demonstrated the proper attitude towards his shortcomings- He admitted his mistakes, he repented and moved on. Let’s emulate that.


**POV means point of view.


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