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CLOSE TO EMPTY (how’s your faith?)

I woke up early that Monday morning; I was so excited; I had received a call the day before informing me of a meeting that had been scheduled for Monday 10am (this was December 2020). It was for a prospective work relationship. I got ready, said a prayer and booked a ride (I just moved to a new city I needed a driver who knew how to get me to where I was supposed to be and also to get me there on time.) 

It took the cab driver a while to get to me even though I had booked the ride early enough, when he finally picked me, I had only an hour left. As soon as I got in, I told him where I was headed and how important it was for me to get there in time, he said he understood and began the trip, he used the GPS but we ended up at the wrong location. I was livid. He stopped using the GPS and decided to ask for directions from a man we met at the wrong location. We were finally headed in the right direction but we had lost 30 minutes.

I became very anxious and unhappy, as we proceeded we had to slow down because there was traffic jam ahead, the driver quickly turned around and tried another route but there was traffic jam there as well, we had to go back to the route we had been on initially. I checked the time and saw it was already 9:45am. I told the driver to turn back and take me home, I’d rather call to reschedule than arrive there late. He looked at me and said I should have faith; I looked at him and said to him in a very sarcastic tone “please stop with the faith talk, I’m trying to be realistic here, the cars before us won’t vanish and there is no way we will get there in time, we still have some distance to cover”. He shook his head and said to me, you will get there in time, I don’t know how but I believe it.

I didn’t believe him. But slowly the traffic jam eased, he maneuvered his way and by 9:55am, I was dropped off at my destination. He smiled and said, I didn’t have faith but he did and God honored it. Did I mention he didn’t let me pay him for his services? I walked away ashamed knowing I rode with him so the Holy Spirit could teach me a lesson real quick

The truth is over time, I had met with a lot of disappointments and my faith was running low, rapidly emptying out (even though I might not have taken note, the Holy Spirit doesn’t miss a thing). I had turned into a realist overnight, working solely by sight and not by faith, it had gotten so bad that I wasn’t even conscious that I might be a bad influence on others as well.. (Imagine if the cab driver was not a believer).

The events in the year 2020 could diminish anyone’s faith, from the global pandemic to job loss, deaths etc. it could turn a faith-filled person to a sudden realist; it catches you unawares and before you know it, your heart is rigid towards God, you remove Him/His input from your plans and His promises are suddenly of no effect. 

2 Corinthians 5:7 (AMP)

For we walk by faith, not by sight (living our lives in a manner consistent with our confident belief in God’s promises)

From the scripture above, the Apostle Paul speaks of how we are to live our lives and conduct ourselves; we are not to live based on how things naturally appear or use our fleshly instincts to make decisions or conclude on matters. What choosing to walk by faith in 2021 means is that we will not let the events of the year 2020 dictate how we live our lives; when things get hard, we will stand on God’s promises and hold unto our faith until we see a change, the words that we speak will be faith-filled and will edify not tear down and our actions will still reflect our belief in God.

I still catch myself from time to time acting like I am alone in the world and it’s me against the world but God steadily reminds me that He is with me, He is for me never against me and even though sometimes it’s hard to see, what He offers to every of His children is hope and a better future, we just have to have faith. 



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