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“Mom, you won’t believe it, the tap is bringing out dirty water and clean water!, so weird, it’s like the tap is confused..”, I said jokingly the other day to my mom.


I wasn’t lying though, the tap did first bring out clean water and then dirty water and then clean water again, and then dirty water again it really did seem like there was confusion going on somewhere. I’m not making this up..really!, Just so you know the other day we changed our pumping machine and for a while now every time we pump water, we go through this dirty water-clean water confusion then after a day or two, it’s clean water all the way until we pump water again.


This reminds me of a verse of scripture, a question asked in the book of James..


Does a fountain send forth [simultaneously] from the same opening fresh water and bitter? (James 3:11, AMPC), with the experience I have with my pumping machine and tap, my answer will be yes.


But James wasn’t referring to a fountain or my pumping machine/tap per se…


Don’t be confused, in the preceding verses, we kinda get the full picture of what he was referring to and what he was addressing.


Out of the same mouth come forth blessing and cursing. These things, my brethren, ought not to be so. (Vs 10)


With it we bless the Lord and Father, and with it we curse men who were made in God’s likeness! (Vs 9)


Do you get it now?


The fountain is our mouth

The fresh water is when we bless the Lord and Father

The bitter water is  when we curse men (or women)


Now you get it. Since you get it now, let me ask you the question, James asked..


“Does blessings and curses come out from your mouth?”, one minute you are blessing God and the next you are cursing people out, this ought not to be so. Why? Because this is terrible hypocrisy.


It is hypocritical to appear saintly before God and become someone else when we relate with people, especially those who offend us or those we have termed “hard to love”.


James says on our own the tongue is untamable (but I say, with the help of the Holy Spirit, it can be tamed), taking it a step further, I believe the real challenge is for us to live an even, constant and consistent lifestyle. Enough of this clean water-dirty water, fresh water-bitter water confusion, it’s time to give clean, fresh water all the way to God and people .

And yes on our own, we can’t do it but with the help of the Holy Spirit we can.


One of the best testimonies we can have as believers is to be consistent with our words, actions and lifestyle. Not only will it please God, it will also bear much fruit with our non-believing family, friends, colleagues and neighbors.. what I mean is you’d be influencing them positively and making their hearts ready for when you share the gospel with them when the opportunity arises.



Disclaimer: I am just as guilty as you, I am also a work in progress. I do not claim to be perfect or have all this figured out.


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